Welcome! I hope you would enjoy reading this blog. This is a chronicle of my journey with my new job, as a salesman of the country's leading beer company; San Miguel Beer.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Month End to Start the Year

Month end has come.. The last day to finalize, monitor and encode bookings. This is a very important day for sales people. As for me, I am caught in between two great responsibilities: to hit my target sales and join the mission team in Digos. And this is the account of how things went according to the great plan.

I proceeded to the field early morning expecting to finish the day earlier to join the mission team. I only had 150 cases of beers to book. Yet I did not have any problems because everything is appropriated to specific outlets who made their commitments to place their orders on the last booking day. Everything went smooth sailing. Until I came into the last 20 cases of beers. All of my outlets were visited and all of them placed their orders. This is one of the greatest problems of salesman, whether in pharmaceuticals and here in the beer man's world. The last booking is the hardest to find. Yet I remained calm and composed. I can manage this, I said.

My boss called. He asked me if I already had my lunch. He still had the guts to ask me that question, I boldly told him I don't have time for a lunch at this critical moment. The panic came. He needs another 100 cases to fill up the negatives. Another 100 case, to sum it up I still need 120 cases. Time is running fast. He just informed me by 1:30pm about this.

I hurriedly made a quick assessment of the situation. My years of experience in sales was put into a test. I scanned my phone book and managed to do phone bookings. Fortunately I booked some phone orders. And I was able to ask outlets to add some cases on top of their regular orders. I visited outlets whom I presumed to be loaded, fortunately, they placed some orders. I asked for prayers from my fellow mission team guys and yes prayers really do marvels. By 2:30pm I was able to book 242 cases, more than enough for my target 220 cases.

When things go wrong, and it will be... At the end of the day, performance matters. And yes, I was able to perform, not for myself but for the benefit of our district. By 4pm. I went to the office and remitted my sales for the day. Ironic, after I posted my sales, an outlet text me and said they have orders.. Sorry guys, where were you when I needed you..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What would I say..? (My Birthday Message)

Hmmmmm... What would i say..? This would be my first words to say in this blog. Today is my birthday. I am 24. These are the things that I would like to specially mention; the significant events while I was 23.

1. My appendix was taken; 7 days no food and water, 3 weeks no work, and a slash on my tummy. Thankfully it wasn't that life threatening.

2. I joined the Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon. I met new friends, I met people with different religious points of view, I met people who made me feel special and who made me see God in a different paradigm.

3. I left GX Intl.; hard as it may but I have to move out of GX Intl. This company taught me a lot, and gave me a chance, a break in exposing myself to the corporate world. I had good friends with GX and I felt sad when I decided to leave. But I have to move into another stage.

4. Proud to Be with SMB. I applied and was hired by San Miguel Brewery Inc. they claim to be the employer of choice, yes they have their say in that matter. This time it's another culture, a different way of transacting sales, and a different attempt to understand and live with this culture.

5. I continue to live happily with my family, friends, and my new found God. I believe that indeed He has so many ways in showing me how much He loved me. I was non-receptive, I did not respond. But He is the God of second chances, the God who is persevering, the God that is faithful and true to His words.

With all these events that took place while I was 23, I thank the Lord for being always there for me. I thank the people who is always at my side when I needed a friend to cling on, you know who you are. More years to come. And let's drink to life!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Great Sacrifice: Welcoming My New Boss

Last Friday I was given a clear instruction from my immediate supervisor. He told me that on Monday we would be meeting our new supervisor. He will be transferred into a new location, so this week would be our "turn over" week. To my surprise, the instruction was to arrive in the office before seven in the morning. I was about to shout in complain! But silently, and with my innocent eyes I said yes, not to add my cute smile as if nothing was boiling in my heart. I said yes sir, because I know I can make it before seven.

After attending a birthday party last night, I went home Monday 2:30 am. With the 'before seven in the morning' call time in mind, I still chose to party with those people. I drove home drunk. And really had a very tired body and soul. I slept. Fortunately I have this body clock where I really wake up as early as 5 am if i get drunk, regardless of the time I sleep. With just two and a half hours of sleep I woke up groggy and tired. I took a bath and went to the office. I arrived there at 6:40am. Twenty minutes before seven.

When you arrive first you get to do the first jobs, you would turn on the lights, computers, air conditioning, printers, and you would end up seeing all the mess that took place that night. I swallowed them all. I was looking at the time, my boss was not yet around. 7 am, still not around. Alone in the office, I didn't know what to do. 7:30 I was still alone. Good thing after a few minutes some of my office mates arrived. They enjoyed the luxury of my hard work, being the first to arrive. Then by 7:35 am, my counterpart arrived. I was smiling so hard because we all knew that this guy would arrive as late as 10 am. This time, 7:35am! What an accomplishment for him.

Then by 8:15am we were able to meet our new boss. He was decent. He wears his I.D. simply stating that he's a man of details... spooky. He mentioned about forecasts and outlets, which simply imply route rides. I hate route rides. But all the while I was filled with excitement because I would be working with this man for 2 years. I don't have any choice but to make this 2 years enjoyable and a learning experience for me.

Welcome boss..! I am happy to work for. But God, it was really a sacrifice for me to welcome you on a seven in the morning call time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas in SMB?

It's December. High time for bookings and high time for parties. For the first time in the history of my existence, I haven't felt the presence of Christmas. I have been so engrossed with work and work that I failed to appreciate this season of joy and Christ. Fortunately the company gave us additional bonus and gift certificates enough to compensate our hardships for this season.

So it will be. High targets. Proper compensations and benefits. We have Christmas party though. I thought we wouldn't have a party for the same reasons with plant personnel; massive production for this season. I sell beers to restaurants. And this season, where people does have extra money for celebrations bookings are coming very fast. And with that I have this tendency to forget about this season and just focus on bookings.

I pray that I may have time, ample time to reflect on what is happening in my life. To ponder on the message of this Christmas season for me, with my new job and with my new environment. I worked so hard only to find out that I failed to give my self that time. Time to be alone. Time to be silent. Time to socialize and mingle. I claim that the Lord will give me this time!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Merchant Meets the Beer Man

Just this morning as I was in the outlet transacting orders, I was able to see this old man. Like me he was also a salesman. This man is poor and indecently dressed. This old man sells sweet potatoes. Walking in a very slow pace he approached the owner of the restaurant who happens to be my client. I was paused and I just looked at him. I saw in his eyes the desire to market his goods. He was very old, but he was able to carry those crops.

Again he motioned to the owner and told her to buy some sweet potatoes. The restaurant owner told me that she is not interested in buying and eating sweet potatoes. Out of her generosity and kindness, she just buy those things simply to help the old man. The lady left to take some money to pay for the old merchant and for me, the merchant of beers...

The old man told me his undertakings in life. He went to school but he failed all of his subjects and was not able to graduate. He did not have a decent and stable job but he was able to send his children to school. Yes they finished their education. That was just the dream of the old man, to see his children have the proper education which he was not able to attain. He was disappointed though to see them getting married earlier that expected and soon left him all by himself.

The restaurant owner returned and gave the payment to that old man and to me. I received thousands he received a hundred. Quite a difference. After printing the receipts I left the restaurant and went to the nearby outlet, again transacted business. The old man arrived in that same place. I went into my car then we never saw each other again.

In this life we all have our own problems, our own undertakings and our own fate. Both of us were sales man. He sells crops and I sell beers. God is indeed fair, though there are things that I do not have but the old man possesses and things that he doesn't have that I own. One thing is clear about this experience, that I should be thankful because I have this job, I have this company, and I have customers who are willing to do business with me. And I should show it with a heart that is filled with gratitude. That I make myself as an instrument of showing how the grace of God flows in me so others would know how bless they are.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The World of Forms

Working in a big company is my gateway to benefits and compensations but it also entails hard work and sacrifice. Indeed the company really pays well to hardworking workers. And so in this part I struggle. I struggle because I am not acquainted to such mandates and policies. Let me enumerate some.

This isn't Plato's world of Forms, this is my entry to the world of forms. They have a lot of forms, horrible number of forms to be filled up. You will sign before you enter the office. They also have trip tickets, every time you go out the office you need to acquire the signature of your boss with the corresponding beginning-kilometer-run and have it signed by the guard. Request forms. Control Cards. And a whole lot of forms in different sizes,color, paper, texture and content that will surely delight one's senses...

I hope that soon I will encounter all those forms and use it for my benefit. In this company strict compliance and proper documentations must be followed in order to perform the duty properly.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Proud to BE with SMB

This is my first day of working with San Miguel Brewery Inc. After a long series of pre-employment interviews and examinations, I finally made it. I was very happy and excited until it all fade away. All I have left is the feeling of indifference. Will I be happy with this new job, or am I just fulfilling expectations and obligations... As for that, I do not know. What I have in mind is to burn the bridges behind me, and to start anew.

I started the day early, I went into the law firm to sign some documents then immediately went to the plant office located 30 kilometers away from the city. So I just left my car in a safe parking space and eventually rode on a bus to my destination. This day was not so busy and I just spent some of my time reading the papers while waiting for my orientations. I forgot to say, my first two days would be orientation day.

I had an orientation with the corporation in itself and San Miguel Brewery Inc as its subsidiary. The company is indeed very big with markets at strategic cities worldwide. This company is something worth to be proud of, for us as Filipinos. Then I had my pay roll orientation, and statutory benefits orientation... All were easy and light until I went to the finance orientation.

People who knows me enough can really attest how poor I am with numbers, and most especially money. I just wondered why am I in this field where I am not really good in handling money. Fortunately I was really assertive and I made it clear to discuss the matter slowly so I can manage to comprehend. The facilitator smiled and told me to interrupt if I have questions or clarification... God it was terrible. I have to deal with money; cash, post dated checks, due dates, invoice numbers, delivery dates, and many other financial jargons only an accountant or mathematician would know. Everything must be well documented to avoid legal problems... Too bad, I need to be firm with the policies. I guess I have to straighten up the flexible attitude and stick to what is proper and legal.

After a long discussion we finally came to an end. And I waited for 2 hours simply doing nothing, waiting for 5 pm. and then goodbye. Tomorrow would be a long day as I would be having my orientation for logistics and sales matters. I'll be posting some updates soon.

I just received this day a red bar pin which must be worn straight for seven day. The pin states: Proud to BE with SMB... Indeed I am proud and I won't fail you guys..!